Trombone masters?
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Can you recommend a currently active jazz (or other) ensemble that features a particularly spiffy trombone player?

Given the opportunity, we'd like to take a young trombone player out to hear an example of great trombone playing. Any trombonists you'd recommend keeping an eye out for? (Failing that, can you recommend any cds for holiday gift-giving?)
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Robin Eubanks.
Conrad Herwig.
Bill Watrous.
Wycliffe Gordon.
John Fedchock.
Steve Turre.
Chris Sheets from RX Bandits does alright.
The trombonist from The Toasters is not bad either.
Easy Star All-Stars.
The Skatalites.

Not to mention big bands like the Maria Schneider Orchestra etc,etc,etc....
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Oh, as far as CDs go I would recommend any disc by JJ Johnson but especially The Eminent JJ Johnson (volumes 1 and 2) or any of the records he did with Kai Winding.
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Living trombonists of note - in order of who I recommend:
Conrad Herwig
Slide Hampton
Robin Eubanks
Curtis Fuller
Bob Brookmeyer (he doesn't play much anymore)
Ku Umba Frank Lacy
Bill Watrous
Steve Turre
John Fedchock

I think most of these guys are based in new york, but they all travel a lot. I also think most of them have websites.
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SYOTOS and NYDNK, both featuring Chris Washburne.
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Anything involving J. Walter Hawkes.
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Michael Soprano of Streetlight Manifesto is a beast.
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Alhadro's list is great. I would also second Gunslingingbird's suggestion for the Maria Schneider orchestra, as there's lots of great writing for the whole section.

If he digs pop music, check out some bands with really great horn sections. Chicago is always the given example, since James Pankow played trombone and wrote a lot for the group. If he's after something a little bit more contemporary, Ozomatli appeals to almost everyone out there and they also have a fantastic horn section, with lots of tromboning.

Thank you for doing this. The world needs enthusiastic young trombonists!
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Oh -- another thing -- as a young trombonist, the first CD my parents ever gave me was The Eminent JJ Johnson, volume 2. It's a great album, especially for beginners, since all the melodies and solos are really singable and catchy. Even if (s)he's not actively trying to learn solos and do transcriptions, (s)he will start to pick up on these things, which is a great first step.

PM or email if you want more information on the care and feeding of a beginning trombonist...
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I just saw The Glenn Miller Orchestra and they were all remarkable players.

I think the catchy, melodic style of a big band like that could be a good hook to inspire a young player. It would also be good for him/her to hear the different styles of the four trombone players when they take solos--a great way to be introduced to the variety that is possible with one instrument.
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