How long to wait after waterdamaged PS3?
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How long should my friend wait before turning the PS3 on?

My friend's PS3 was practically drowned this weekend. After a party on sunday, he noticed the PS3 covered in water. When he tipped it up, nearly a cup of water poured out of it.

He's got it situated between two fans to dry it off as much as possible. We know how to remove the hard drive and will take it out before turning it on (in case it fries).

The question is: How long should he wait before turning the PS3 on to ensure it's not going to fry?
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As long as he can stand it. I would say, at bare minimum, a week in a warm environment.
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Yes, the longer, the better. He could possibly speed up the process by obtaining a large amount of rice.
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Make sure it dries completely before you even attempt turning it on. Get a can of compressed air and spray under fine-pitch components and under connectors. If some water sprays out from the tight spaces it's not dry yet.
If you're impatient, you can dry it in the oven at a VERY LOW setting (anything where the rack is not too hot to touch with your bare hand).
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Is it JUST water? Very important, as liquids with sugars and other ingredients can continue to damage circuitry long after they have dried...
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(If you go the oven route, leave the door slightly ajar for air circulation and check often that it's not getting too hot.)
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The sooner he dries it out completely, the better. Do NOT let it air dry for a week, you need forced air flowing thru that bad boy, now.

Even if nothing is electrically fried, you might have water spots on the drive-laser, which are going to be hard to deal with without disassembly.

If it is not just water, you should see about flushing things out with "tuner cleaner/degreaser", a non-conductive spray that IIRC, has a water-displacement effect like WD-40, but is specially formulated for use in electronic devices.
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"tuner cleaner"

No warranty expressed or implied.
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Put it in a container with rice but dont let rice fall into it, then also keep it in semi direct sun and have a fan blowing on top of it

after it is dry take if apart and use compressed air to get the dust off left by minerals in the water etc.
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Find someone with lots of naphtha, and give it a good dunking. This is how watered cell phones are 'repaired', and how grandfather clocks are cleaned.
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Naphtha? I think I'd prefer isopropanol myself.
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So what happened with this? Did it ever work again?
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