Table for 6 in Vegas
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Vegas locals, lead me as you only can. I am looking for a place to eat in December that is simply amazing, and I would weep if I missed it.

Twice Mefites have introduced me to amazing restaurants I would have never found without their help. The third time is a charm.

Six friends will be in Vegas 12/18-12/21 celebrating my partner's birthday. I've been tasked with finding a mind blowing dining experience. I'd like to say price is no object, but in Vegas, I'm afraid of the gold leaf encrusted brownie foolishness can be found. Where should we eat?

Bonus: is there something so wonderful we just shouldn't miss it?
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Not local, but Hash House was very very good.
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Lotus of Siam is considered by many to be the best Thai restaurant in the US. Not fancy, but has a great wine list as well.
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Again, not a local . . . but:

Rosemary's Restaurant - It is off the strip but, by-god the food, service, atmosphere, people were all amazing. It is not much to look at from the outside, but locals swear by it, and now, so do I. On Sundays, the wine is half off (they have a _very_ impressive list to select from, and a very good sommelier to help you through it).

Yelp agrees

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I'm no native but I liked Sedona when my sister took us there. Excellent quality, ambience, and value.
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A simple google away, but I forgot Rosemary's Linky
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I don't know what your price point really is, but Le Bouchon [warning: website has sound] was amazing. Their online menu has prices so you can see if it's too much for your budget before you go ahead and make reservations. I had a special - salmon with leeks - and it was just downright unbelievable. We had breakfast there more than once and that was pretty reasonable (I'm a light pastry and coffee kind of person, though), so if the dinner menu is too expensive you should definitely get there for breakfast if possible. It's also romantic and cute, which is a nice bonus.
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Never been, but I'm guessing Restaurant Charlie would be a gas.
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I'm no local, but I eat at a lot of good restaurants in New York City regularly, and Bouchon there is as good as some of our best. I've had a few fantastic meals there in Vegas and loved it each time. Pricey, but worth it.
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On my annual Vegas trip I always dine at Hugo's Cellar (in the Four Queens), and this past weekend I also went to The Range (in Harrah's). Each worth the ~$100 you'll pay for dinner and drinks. Not for vegetarians.

(And no, I'm not a local, but these being rather off-the-beaten-path locations [especially Four Queens], I thought I'd recommend them because they aren't so obvious.)
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Nobu, in the Hard Rock, has the best Japanese food I've ever had. I go there without fail every time I'm in Vegas. Expensive, but worth it.
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