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Good-sized portable trackballs: do they exist?

My supervisor gave me a Logiech Marble Mouse some months ago, knowing that I have wrist problems when working at my computer. I love this thing to pieces, since it's a lot easier to work with than mice when I don't have a lot of desk space, and my wrist has been complaining less these days about carpal pain. Also, it fits my hand perfectly (I have big hands).

Trouble is, fits perfectly = not very portable. I've been shopping around online and some retail stores for portable trackballs to carry with my laptop, but there isn't much love. I've found this, but the trackball seems a bit too miniscule (in contrast with the big red ball on the Marble Mouse, which makes scrolling less of an effort). Then there's the Fellowes trackball, which is made for being held in the hand - and I want something to put on the desk. But then, it's the closest thing to what I'm looking for in the "perfect" portable trackball.

So, trackball users (if any), are there any other portable options? Or should I just lug my Marble Mouse around? Note that I actually don't mind doing that, it's just that the less bulk in my bag, the better.
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This might be something to consider.
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I've always found this trackball to work better for me than the marble (personal opinion only), but it might be more portable being its wireless?

Your requirements are tough. Big enough to fit in your hand but be portable. There needs to be some sacrifice. You can try using this as it is not hard on your wrists and quite portable or there is even this as well, but again the ball might be too small.

Good luck. I personally have found the absolute best travel mouse is the one that you don't even realize you're carrying. This one.
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