DLR at Bank. Best way in?
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Getting on the DLR at Bank. Where to go in?

I am getting the DLR at Bank going out to City Airport. Whenever I go to Bank it always seems like a rabbit warren. I know there is a lot of redevelopment of the lifts/escs and so I am looking for the expert communters' guide to which entrance to use. In exchange I promise not to ever have a backpack on during the rush hour.
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Best answer: The best way onto the DLR at Bank Station is not to go to Bank, but to go to Monument instead... King Williams Street entrance at the end of London bridge...
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seconding monument as bank is just a hellish maze at rush hour, especially now.
backpacks are fine as long as you stand right on the escalator.
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Yes, Monument, down to the Northern Line and then even deeper down to the DLR. I use that route every day and it's better than the Bank rabbit warren. It might be a longer walk above ground though depending on where you're coming from.
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