Cheap amp with great clean tone for stereo effects
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Amplifilter: Looking for a cheap SS guitar amp to complement my Fender Deluxe 90 so I can use my effects pedals' stereo features.

I have three Boss effects pedals that have stereo-out features that I would like to use (DD-7 delay, CE-5 chorus and BF-3 flanger). The idea is that I would have two amps, each driving the speaker on the right or left of the stage. So when the effects are off, it sends the signal to both equally, but when they are on, the stereo effects kick in (ping-pong for delay, spaciness for chorus, panning for the flanger).

Right now I play an American Deluxe Strat through a Fender Deluxe 90 solid-state amp. I don't care much for the amp's built-in effects or its distortion, but I love the clean channel. I would like to get another amp very cheap (probably used), and all I need is for it to have a similar-sounding clean channel - I won't use the dirty channel or any other built-in effects. Ideally it would be a Fender amp just because that stands the best chance of delivering a similar sound, but I am open to anything as long as it can be obtained for less than $150 used (or new). I am also completely open to discontinued models that are a few years old.

Any ideas? I was considering a 25W Fender Frontman, but I don't know if that will match up to my 90-watt. And the 65W Frontman amp is a little out my price range.
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Best answer: I'd suggest a Fender Princeton Chorus. Since you only want to use the clean channel on your other amp, I think this one would match well, and it's a really solid, lightweight, reliable little amp. It has a great clear, crisp clean tone. It'll be loud enough but will not overwhelm your other amp. It's solid state, and can frequently be found used for $150 or under. I've had one for about 13 years as my at-home practice amp. No complaints. Just don't expect to blow the walls down with it. It's not that kind of amp!
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Man, I can't recommend the Roland Cube enough. Get the largest one you can afford. I have four (two bass, one guitar, and the mini-PA). Each one is for a different type of job. I don't know where to start--they're just the best small, budget SS amp ever made. They will cost you a bit more than a Fender Frontman, but so does anything else.

Oh, the Cube 30 (aside from slaying all else at the price in tone) sounds much louder than its wattage would lead you to believe.
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Response by poster: The Princeton Chorus looks like it has built-in support for stereo effects... I could replace my current amp with that one, straight up, and just put one microphone on each speaker, right? I'd need to pick up some stereo 1/4" cables.

Thanks for the suggestion!
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