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Logic pro 8 is not working with any audio inputs, what's going on?

The built-in mic input on my Macbook registers fine - the meters will show that there is an audio signal coming in and that Logic is detecting it. But if I try using the built-in input with my electric guitar or electric bass, Logic doesn't respond to any audio input. Same goes if I try to use my Presonus Inspire 1394's inputs. It was working fine until maybe a week or two ago. I updated to OSX 10.5.5, but I was having this problem even before then, so I don't think that's causing it.

The Inspire 1394's software mixer shows that there is indeed a signal coming through, so its not the instrument cable or the instruments themselves. For some reason, Logic is just not detecting it, even after I've configured the audio input sources correctly.

What's going on?
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Have you gone through the sound prefs (Logic and OS) and made sure they're all pointing to the correct sources?
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Does it do it after a reboot? My firewire audio interface occasionally acts weird after waking up from sleep (this is one of the symptoms, actually), but forcing it to reset (by changing its sample rate to 48k and then back to 44.1) usually does the trick. I would imagine that, if your interface doesn't reset after that kind of an action, a reboot might help. Failing that, try switching the device Logic is recording from. If you're recording from an aggregate device, switch to internal mic, click apply, and then switch back.

Good luck, stuff like this can be a real pain to figure out.
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Response by poster: I tried those ideas but none seemed to work. Last night it suddenly started working again, but now it's not...again.

I'll keep trying, thanks.
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