Printing Books for Babies?
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Are there any online services that will allow me to print custom books that can withstand the awesome destructive force of a small child?

I would like to be able to print up custom storybooks and photo albums for our kids (< 3 years). I'm trying to find someplace that will custom print board books and/or laminated photo albums that can will withstand small hands, teeth, and curiosity. I realize that these make good DIY projects (and I've made laminated photo books thanks to the power of Kinkos), but I'd love a point-and-click solution, too.
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I have done a search for the same thing, I wanted to do board books or those crinkly fabric books for my son. I have a couple of links, but I haven't tried out either one yet, so no idea how good the final products are! LifeTimez does board books and allows you to upload photos and make your own story.
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It looks like LifeTimez only inserts photos into their own layouts (which are universally bad). I'm not sure exactly what MyCustomStory does; it looks like neither will print up arbitrary designs. Poo. I'm going to email both just to see if I'm missing something.
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Maybe print with waterproof ink on Teslin which is based on Tyvek, This map supplier stocks it in 8.5x11 sheets i guess you can get it for laser printers too.
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