Sharing preferences between accounts
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A few Mac questions : (1) Why does randomly fail to mark some messages as read? (2) Can one block some websites from Safari from one admin account without blocking them from other accounts?

(2 continued) Yes, I know the admin account can reverse it, the goal is merely that people access those sites from another account. Fyi, even if the account was not admin, parental controls only lets you allows specific sites.

(3) Has anyone successfully shared an iTunes library between accounts, not just the music, but the library data itself, like ratings and smart playlists. No, I've not yet just tried pointing them at the same directories and configuring the permissions to allow both to write to them. I'd also love sharing Adium, Skype, and configurations too.
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Regarding (1) - what version of OS X, and is this POP3 or IMAP? At my work I've had a few customers who've reported this same issue with Leopard and connecting to a mail server running UW IMAP. The only thing I've found that reliably fixes this is to make sure their mail server is running the latest version of UW IMAP. I'm still not sure if this is a problem with the client talking to the server, or vice versa, but the upgrade seems to be what fixes it.
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It's occurred under imap in every version of OS X and I've even seen the issue occur with imap clients under linux. I've been suspicious about the server side, so I'll check into it. Thanks
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Chris4d pointed out Slife answers (2).
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