Dining in Myrtle Beach
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My wife and I are meeting my sister for dinner tomorrow in Myrtle Beach. She is coming from Texas, and I would like to find something that might be a bit unique for her. We would like to keep it at 20 or less for entrees. Sandwich places and seafood buffets are okay, too. Any suggestions?
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A real gem in Myrtle Beach is Toffino's. It's an Italian pastry shop run by displaced New Yawkers. They have great canoli and other desserts, and their deli sandwiches are pretty good too.
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If "unique" covers "tourist seafood buffet", the Giant Crab Seafood Buffet is one of those classics of American roadside kitsch.
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Best answer: I really like the places run by the Divine Dining Group. The River City Cafes are ultra casual burger with peanut shells on the floor kind of place. Bovine's and Divine's are more upscale and feature a mainly land animal and sea creature menu respectively. Perhaps a very unique place would be Latitude 22 degrees which is located at the Surfside Beach pier on the 2nd floor of a renovated beach house (well I suppose it could have been new construction but you never know). Very open architecture with floor to ceiling windows on two sides and high ceilings. Real nice to sit outside up high and over look the beach, ocean and the pier.
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Response by poster: I went to Latitude 22 tonight. It was fantastic. The view was great, and the meal was both affordable and delicious. I really loved the fish burrito I had.

Thank you for the suggestion!
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