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Who are the two men in this picture?

For the life of me I can't find any way to search Google, GIS, Metafilter, or anywhere else that gives me any useful information (either that or I'm hitting my usual failure to search properly). I see this picture posted a lot on other forums, but without any specific details.

I would assume that these two are famous, likely criminals - I'm assuming from the context of posts that link to the picture. I would guess that it's not from a movie, since I've only ever seen that one picture.

Does anyone know any details of the two in this picture? It's been bugging me for probably more than a year.
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They're from a series that photographer Roger Ballen took in rural South Africa. Follow this link and then click on the Platteland gallery.
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Dresie and Casie.
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Ah, thanks very much. It sounds like most of the context in which I see the picture used in forums is wrong.
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Looks like Fragile X syndrome, not a "chamber of horrors."
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For future reference, TinEye (registration required) is a search engine where "you can submit an image to find out where and how that image appears on the web, or to find modified or edited versions". I entered the URL of the photo you posted, and got about 125 results, including this gem and, for some reason, a copy among the reviews of Shrute Farms on Tripadvisor.
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The Tripadvisor listing for Shrute Farms is yet another reminder that I miss the dear members of the Office, and I must convince my boyfriend to pick up season 3. Thanks.
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