Activities for a four-year-old who has to be up in the middle of the night
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Midnight activities for a 4-year-old that he wouldn't get a chance to do during the day? My son is having an EEG tomorrow during the day. They want him sleep-deprived so he'll sleep without sedation. I'm supposed to get him up for the day at 3:30 am. He's not a morning person at all, so to keep him awake I'm looking for exciting things to do/observe/etc. that wouldn't be possible during his normal waking hours. We're in the east end of Toronto near the Don Valley, so both big-city and nature/wildlife type activities may be possibilities.
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Star-gazing is already on the list, but I'm not sure how much we'll be able to see tonight (and/or in the city)
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This bowling alley is open until 2am.

Have a little midnight picnic on the beach?

Maybe this NOW magazine on late-night places can give you some more ideas.
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My brother used to have to do this, and it was always exciting to watch Mary Poppins at 3AM.
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Pancakes and Pie and an all-night diner?
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Toy shopping at 24 hour Walmart?
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Buy some fireworks and head out into the country.
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Bake cookies or muffins.
Explore the back yard with flashlights.
Go to the playground and have it all to yourselves.
Go out for breakfast at an all-night diner.
Draw some chalk pictures outside his friends' houses for them to discover when they wake up.
Be first in line at the donut shop when they open.
Drive someplace with a view to the east and watch the sun come up (sorry I don't know Toronto to suggest a place).
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Big City/Nature and Wildlife? Here's a nice little story to get your ideas spinning.
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Do a scavenger hunt. Does he like bugs? Matchbox cars? Hide some plastic bugs or little cars all over the house for him to find. It will be like Easter in September!

Have him take a bath with bathtub crayons, toys, and bubbles.

Bake cookies together.

This floor piano mat always gets my almost 4-year-old moving.

Shopping at your nearest 24-hour discount store for toys.

Shakes at your local 24-hr diner.
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We had to do this for our 4 year-old just a few weeks ago. It may be too late, but do you have some friends / relatives you can invite round for dinner and allow him to stay up? That bought us an extra hour and a half, and we stretched it further with baking a cake and then letting him eat a bit too much of it while enjoying a late 'showing' of his favourite film on DVD. Then we looked at the moon and stars for a bit, and read more books than usual at his eventual bedtime.

Good luck with it, and I hope the results provide you with some answers.
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Flashlight tag? Or laserpointer games (both try and hit that sign way over there sort of thing)?
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Draw some chalk pictures outside his friends' houses for them to discover when they wake up. That is so cute.
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If it's dark enough, grab some wintergreen life savers and head to the backyard - they should spark as you chew them. That could be cool for a 4-year-old.
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My friend had to do this with her daughter-they were at wal-mart in the wee hours of the morning.

I recommend the toy section.
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Just a quick suggestion. Keep your car trips limited or else he'll catch cat naps in between. I only say that because my daughter only needs about 2 cat naps to feel well-rested and stay awake past her 8pm bed time.
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Teach him to stand on his head (I'm still learning); take him on a shoulder ride around the block; ask him if he thinks it's possible to count to infinity; look at photo albums of him as a baby; play "I'm going on a picnic, I'm going to bring a and on and on. Good luck.
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Teach/play cat's cradle or other string games.

I've heard that video games sometimes keep people up late :)
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Thanks everyone!
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Birdwatching or small-furry-creature watching is generally pretty good around forested creeks around dawn.
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