Beck and the Question Marks?
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Who does Beck have in his current live band for the Modern Guilt tour? Looks like a few new faces.
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I think Roger Manning of The Jellyfish is currently with him.
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I can't speak for anyone else, but I know for sure that MGMT is playing with Beck. (link to trippy video for "Electric Feel". Well one of them, there's another weirdass one that's an odd green screen cheap feel to it.)
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Thanks, kkokkodalk, but I am looking for the personnel in Beck's current live band, not his opening acts.
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According to this blog the lineup is as follows:

Jessica Dobson on guitar (who makes music as Deep Sea Driver)
Bram Inscore on bass
Scott McPherson on drums (who played with Elliott Smith)
Brian LeBarton is back on keys (until Wounded Cougar takes off again).
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Cut'n'paste kills again; that's Deep Sea Diver.
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Scott McPherson confirmed, at least according to Wikipedia.
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Whoa, busted link, corrected.
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I can confirm that Brian LeBarton is on Keyboards as he often plays with Sia Fuller from Zero 7. I'm a keyboard player and depped for Brian on the Sia gig in the UK recently because he is on tour with Beck...both great artists!
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Here's video evidence of Jessica Dobson playing a warm-up show with Beck this summer at The Echo in LA.
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Brian Inscore is correct, for sure

That link is to Brian LeBarton's myspace blog. So Brian LeBarton for sure, on keys. Still nothing but repeats of that blog post I linked to (in the form of accounts of The Echo show June 10) to support Inscore's participation.
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Damned if I can remember his name, but back in '98 I playedva few gigs with Beck's keyboardest at the time. He was (Asian) Indian.
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Oh, nice catch, carsonb, I mixed up Bram and Brian...
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Is there something more you're looking for? Beck's dad took the stage with him at the Hollywood Bowl. I can't seem to find any additional members of the band. Show reports confirm those four are backing Beck on this tour...what else is there? (I'm stumped =)
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Jessica Dobson confirmed, via
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Nope, I'm good, carsonb, thank you!!!

(Was away watching some NFL for awhile.)
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Might want to take those tags out then. To keep the 'stumped' and 'unresolved' tags clear of answered questions, you know.
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Yeah, just updated them. Did someone else add "stumped?" I can't seem to remove it.
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Aha! Just remembered his name. Theo Mondle. It was a pleasure gigging with him.

And I guess Beck just uses Roger Manning in the studio, not on the road.

(sorry about the awkwardness of my earlier comment--posted from a phone while watching a roller derby).
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