Homemade Soda Fountain?
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Where does one buy bag-in-box coke syrup for a soda fountain in australia?

I'm looking at making a soda fountain for my kitchin, and while I was able to find the equipment, I was completely unable to find any place to order syrup from in australia.

Where does one buy bag-in-box coke syrup for a soda fountain in australia?
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If you ask nicely at a restaurant, they might be willing to sell you a box or tack an extra one onto their next order. Some place like McDonald's might be a good bet since if they end-up running low, they can borrow from another location, and get regular deliveries.
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I'd recommend checking with local, preferably independent, bars that have a post mix. They're a lot more likely to be able to tack on another box of syrup to an order than a corporate limb like McDonald's.
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I worked for Coke in Australia from 2005-06 and if it's Coke brand you want, you probably won't have any luck ordering directly from them (when I was there, they would not sell post mix syrup directly to individuals with a home setup. Not sure about Pepsi or other suppliers' policies on this). Of course, you might want to double check that this is still the case with someone in customer service (phone: 13 COKE) since the policy may since have changed.

I think that the above two responses have it, your best bet would be to exercise your contacts (have any friends who own/work in a food service business, RSL club, restaurant, movie theaters etc that deals with Coke or Pepsi?)

Also be aware that the price of post mix varies wildly. As I recall, places that bought large volumes of post mix like McDonalds and Subway paid very little (~$60 box) while smaller bars and restaurants could pay upwards of 3 times that.
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Post mix syrup is really expensive. Some of the national chains do get discounts (the details of which are commercially sensitive) but on-selling the product is a breach of the agreement between the buyer and the seller and results in the removal of discounts. Be careful, you don't want to cause trouble for anyone.
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