I want St. Julia to watch over our kitchen with a loving eye at all times
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Who knows where to find a high quality photograph - print - poster of Julia Child to grace our kitchen?

My goo-fu has failed me... I'm looking for a high quality photograph of Saint Julia in/or her kitchen to grace our kitchen. I've searched everywhere and now turn to the collective hive mind for assistance...
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How about this?
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Response by poster: Thanks, cerebus19 - however I'd like something that's a bit more of a standout. I thought the Smithsonian would surely have something, but noooooo. Something along the lines of her hoisting a giant salmon or one of the great shots of her kitchen. Thank you!!
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How about this?

Honestly, I'd probably hit the used bookstores and find some of her cookbooks. Most of them are full of classic pictures (hilariously brandishing a whole raw chicken, for example) that you could liberate from their bindings and put in a frame.
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Response by poster: Hmmm, the Time magazine cover doesn't do much. Frankly I'd feel a bit odd about tearing a page out of her books (one of the few cookbook authors I can say that about, and I've had several hundred cookbooks through my hands) but that might be my last resort. Everyone's digging is greatly appreciated!
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Maybe get a high quality scan of an image in one of her cookbooks and have it printed as a poster.
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How about this?
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On postview, that one would be perfect for MY kitchen! Thanks for the inspiration, TomSophieIvy!
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Here's a good one from the NYT, which probably has more than this. I'd contact the paper directly to ask about getting a high quality print.
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How about a poster of Julia and Jacques Pepin, signed by both of them? You'll have to bid on it, and in the next 9 hours or so, but it's a pretty good deal.
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Ebay has some cool things, now that I'm digging. Check out this.
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I don't know if it's possible to acquire, but the very best, I would think, would be a copy of this portrait of Julia Child and her husband, by Elsa Dorfman. A copy once hung in the now defunct Cremaldi's* in Cambridge.

*Replaced by the better managed and tastier Petsi Pies.
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