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Graphic designers: Anyone know a style guide online for listing credentials after a person's name? When are the credentials initialed, abbreviated or extended. If abbreviated, when (or if) to use periods after the initials, etc. That kind of thing. This in regards to business cards and business systems. Thanks.
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There are some general rules: it's either Dr John Doe, or John Doe, PhD. But it's not so much a style issue as an etiquette one, where there may be a different preference for different circumstances. Also, this is always going to involve a degree of personal preference, which in turn is likely to draw upon the accrediting institutions' style guides. In short, there are no firm or consistent rules on this: there are lots of house rules (e.g. for various media outlets) but this previously has a good discussion on the general subject.
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Try these.
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Here is a school site's link to a pdf of the AP Styleguide (from 2000 - most things haven't changed...)

Look under "Academic Degrees," "Academic Titles," "Doctor," and "Titles" in the alphabetical section.

There's lots of cool useful stuff in there as well, so it wouldn't hurt to buy the real/updated thing. They're about $15.
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How unprofessional of me:

There should be no comma after "Doctor" in the above post. (According to to the "Comma" entry in the "Guide to Punctuation" section. Yes, it gets really pedantic.)
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