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iPhone Filter: Help me decide whether or not to update from 2.0.2 to 2.1!

This is the situation: I firmware unlocked and jailbroke my 2.0.2 iPhone (2G, not the newer 3G) a few weeks ago using WinPwn. Everything works great: it's completely jailbroken and unlocked. I am using it with T-Mobile with no issues whatsoever.

Here's the new situation, though: I really want the new features in 2.1! QuickPwn just came out for Windows, as published here and here.

Now, I know there are some fundamental differences between QuickPwn and WinPwn. If I use QuickPwn for Windows, will it:

1. Update to 2.1?
2. Jailbreak?
3. Activate?
4. and Unlock?

If for some reason it doesn't work, can I revert to 2.0.2? When answering, please provide sources/links/references if possible.

Or should I instead cross my fingers and hope for WinPwn for Windows to come out?
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I used QuickPwn for Mac and it kept it jailbroken and unlocked, and iphone dev team confirms the same for Windows. 2.1 offers some serious performance gains (contacts, sms) and some nice features that make it a no brainer to upgrade. Just remember to do the upgrade to 2.1 through iTunes and then run QuickPwn.
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Crap, here's the link to QuickPwn for Windows 2.1 which came out yesterday.
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I'm on 1.1.4 and it just works so good I don't want to update. I ziphone'd it and have got the apps I want on it, also had to ssh into it to chmod a directory so cookies would stay persistant. I'd just hate to start over. It's unlocked, but doesn't need to be right now, as I'm at&t.

Also I'm doing the ESN spoof so it looks like a moto razr to at&t... am i going to lose all this?
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I updated my unlocked 1st gen iPhone from 1.1.4 to 2.1 last week. The only thing I would do different is make a zip of my backup and store it safely elsewhere - I lost all of my text messages.

To answer your question:
1. Update through iTunes first. This will turn your phone into an "emergency only" mode.
2-4. QuickPwn will jailbreak, activate and unlock your first-gen iPhone (not iPhone 3G).

Since you requested links: "Supports 2.1 firmware with the unlocking and jailbreaking of iPhone 1st generation (2G) device. " (from furtive's link)
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OK, I downloaded QuickPwn and followed the instructions found at iClarified.

Worked like a charm.

You have to remember to update using iTunes 8 first, though.

It will, of course, wipe out all your settings/apps/etc...

After I updated/jailbroke/activated/unlocked, I restored from a backup in iTunes 8.

Admittedly, that was probably pretty dumb... because it synced all my music again, which took forever. That, and I had to reinstall all my apps from Cydia, then rearrange my Springboard.

But all my mail settings, etc worked great.

The best thing I can suggest is before upgrading, hook up your iPhone, go to the Music Tab in iTunes and tell it to NOT Sync your music... THEN right click your iPhone in the left pane and make a backup.

Go through the QuickPwn process (it's Barney-easy) and then restore from your new est backup (iTunes will prompt you if you want to do this).

Then disconnect, make sure everything works, reinstall Cydia Apps, then re-plug and sync your music again.

I had to wait a long time to make sure all was well, because of the music syncing.
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Cool, glad it worked out well.
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I went for it last night too. I can't seem to find imapidle in cydia or the installer 4.0 anymore, that's a bummer but i'll keep looking. everything else is good, and I guess it is kinda fun to have the app store.

That persistent cookies thing is fixed in 2.1.

I was amazed how great the restore feature from my 1.1.4 to the quickpwn 2.1 worked.
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When I first got my iPhone, I used ZiPhone... but after reading up about it, I decided to re-pwn it using WinPwn.

I just read too many dissenting opinions on the ZiPhone hack
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