How do I set up a dvd player through Media Center?
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Is there some way to tell the Windows Media Center software just to use a specific TV tuner card input (rca, s-video, etc) avoiding its incessant search for a cable box or its requirements that I use the remote? I know I did it, once ...

So, I'm working on a machine for a client and part of the procedure involved trying to find a way to hook up a dvd player to one of the tv-tuner cards so that it will play through the Windows Media Center software (it's an XP Media Center box, service pack 2). After much frustration and poking through the Media Center menu system, I was, eventually, able to tell the program to use a specific video input, then having to fudge through a series of menus in which I had to give a make and model number of cable box that was supposedly connected to the machine. This worked fine.

So, I called the client, had him come by the shop, and was in the process of showing him what I had done to set up a dvd player for use with the Media Center software, but the menus had changed. It would no longer let me manually enter information about a cable box, but insisted upon auto-detecting one (also insisting that I use the remote).

Now, the only thing I can think of that would have changed would be some Windows updates. However, I haven't any idea which update to roll back. Has anyone out there had any experience with this sort of thing? Is there some easy way to find the correct update, or should I just give it a repair installation and start from scratch?
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