Talk like a Pirate Day: More holidays, more fun!
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My workplace (retail; caters to a local university almost exclusively) recently celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day. It was awesome fun. They want a list of other fun holidays they can celebrate, especially ones that occur during the month of September or January (the only months that we have enough employees to make it worthwhile). Could you recommend any other fun holidays? If all else fails, could you help us make up some holidays (and please mention if they're made up)?
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This horribly designed site lists a bunch of bizarre holidays. For instance, today is International Eat An Apple Day.
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Best answer: I'd also like to note that Monday is Elephant Appreciation Day.
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First of all, this seems like an easily-Googleable question you could answer on your own. Second of all, you're asking people on the internets to promise to tell you if they're making something up.

That said, December 19 is Oatmeal Muffin Day.

Also, here's a list of proclamations issued by President Bush.
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Best answer: Sorry, you already missed National High Five Day
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Response by poster: The thing is, the bosses actually had a person sit down and google potential holidays anytime he didn't have any work to do (which was very often on a Friday night at a university textbook store). He googled holidays in relation to every date in September; "international * day", etc., but found it was very hard to find anything fun.

He came up with a lot of holidays, but they were very difficult to celebrate in a fun, happy way like Talk Like a Pirate Day. How do you celebrate Bisexual Day or Cherry Jubilee Day (both in late September, and both found by said employee) like you celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day? You can't offer customers cherry pie (true) or dress like cherries (...), and you can't 'dress like a bisexual', whatever that means. You can, however, tell me that a Drag Day would be awesome, so have employees dress in the clothing of the opposite sex, but only if they want, or that the only way to balance the scales of justice after a Pirate Day is a Ninja Day, because Pirate and Ninjas are lethal enemies. Made-up days that we can have fun with.

*shrug* Sorry, emelenjr. Also, we're Canadian, so we're trying to avoid things proclaimed by President Bush.
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Google "Wacky Holidays" instead of "international" anything, and you'll come up with a WHOLE BUNCH. Lots involve chocolate/food, which is always fun.
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That was fun.
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A lot of these January holidays look like they might be fun to celebrate in some fashion at the bookstore.
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Steak And A Blowjob Day might be pretty popular with the college kids.
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Best answer: How do you celebrate Bisexual Day

Kids these days have no imagination....

Anyway, it seems to me that your problem is not finding a holiday to celebrate, it's finding "office fun day" themes. Why not just open it up to a suggestion box -- or better yet, a lottery or voting system with "winners" (and heck, why not a betting pool, too? double brownies or something). Participants can dress up, talk in character, or whatever.

Holidays as goofy as TLAPD are in short supply.
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National Pie Day. Not making this one up. Have free slices of pie for all customers? Or team up with a local bakery and give away discount coupons to said bakery?
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radioamy: c'mon, all the smart kids know that pi day is more important than pie day!
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My husband is the production manager at a performing arts center on the campus of a community college here in California. Twice a year they produce a huge show - once at Christmas and once in the spring. During tech week, they proclaim each day to be something special. There is usually a Hawaiian shirt day, nice ass day, fall on the grenade day, suck up day, dress like the set day etc. They are pretty hilarious and fun.
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