Orthodontist recommendations in New York City?
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Orthodontist recommendations in New York City?

I am considering getting braces for a second time. I have a serious overbite (that will need to be surgically corrected), a crossbite, and some miscellaneous gaps/rotations/general crookedness going on. (Needless to say, I am NOT a candidate for Invisalign.)

My dentist's recommendation was for the ortho. that I saw the first time in my youth...I'd rather see someone else (for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that after seven years as their patient, I don't appear as though I've ever had braces at all).

I'd prefer Brooklyn, but am open to Manhattan if a particular doctor is fabulous. Familiarity with adult patients is a plus. Thanks!
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Its in Manhattan, but I've had good experiences with this practice in Rockefeller Center. (Cheesy website warning!) Although I got Orthoclear/Invisalign, I know they also do traditional braces, as they were discussed as potential treatment options.

I've seen mostly adults in the waiting room during my visits. Dr. Hung in particular is a great guy.

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