Is there a program that runs in the background and places other prgrams in a defined area of my monitor?
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Is there a program that will run in the background and place other program windows in a designated spot on one of my two monitors when they are launched so that I don't always have to drag them there when the program starts?

I would prefer something free and something that definitely works with a dual monitor setup. Something that doesn't use too much resurces and something that's invisible but simple and effective.
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Virtual desktop software might be what you're after. Spaces on a Mac might do what you want- Built in with Leopard. Works great on my MacBook Pro with an external cinema display. PC? Maybe this?
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Try this, haven't tried it myself but you may like it.
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It is not free, but Ultramon will do what you want.
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What operating system are you using?

XP remembers where I last closed a window so when I relaunch that program it opens the window where it was last. Using dual monitors (laptop + external) and it even remembers what size the windows are.
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Unfortunately, the number of windows that XP remembers details for is quite limited by default, and when you've opened more than that number of windows, it forgets the position and size information for the least recently opened ones; so, if you regularly use a lot of windows in roughly the same order, it appears not to be able to remember anything at all. Microsoft has documented a procedure to increase the number of remembered window details. They claim that the issue was fixed in XP Service Pack 2, but I have needed to fix it by hand on systems that have had SP2 applied.
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