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I've a false engine temperature indication on my 98 Ford Contour.

The temp needle varies from cold to overheating (pegged) within minutes and back again. It oscillates wildly, at points settling at normal for no apparent reason.

The engine isn't overheating, checked with both a mechanical gauge and infrared temp device. The following are new or rebuilt:

Water pump
Thermostat (all three have been tried, 180, 192, 195)
Temp sender, gauge
Temp sender, radiator fan
Low speed radiator fan relay
High speed radiator fan relay
A/C fan relay

Help me MeFi gear heads, insanity beckons.
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I'd check the connection where the gauge sending unit is plugged into the wiring harness. Loose, or perhaps corroded?
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Here's the answer that solved it for next time:

Basically it is like this.They have a coolant temperature sensor and an engine temperature sensor. One of them is linked to the ECM computer and the other is linked up to the guage on the dashboard. Ford has the bad habit of nameing a lot of thier parts with confuseing names

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