Points of Light?
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In past seasons of "Real Time with Bill Maher" what did the points of light on the map represent?

I once sent this question into the show's email address, but, sadly, never got a response. Since the set has changed this season, I am hoping that the hive mind may answer this quandary or else I guess I may never know.
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Were they just major cities and capitals? In this image, Texas seems to show (left to right) El Paso, Amarillo, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, and Dallas. Matches Google's map.
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ALongDecember is right.
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melangell, I’m fairly sure I remember your question being addressed during the post-show ”Overtime” segment (though if I recall, the response wasn’t particularly informative). HBO offers an archive of these segments going back to 2006, so you should easily find the relevant one if you know what date you sent your original message.
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