What was this transforming marble?
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While at Target this evening, I was shopping for a birthday present for a nephew, there were two 10/11 year olds talking about and trading these marble like toys. When they set them down, they "transformed" into something else, there parents were apparently there to buy them but Target was sold out. I heard them talking but was busy with my own kids and forgot to check out the aisle or talk to the people. I'm usually pretty in touch with toys and such, but I have no idea what these were. Any one know?
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Maybe Bakugan Battle Brawlers? That's the official site - it has sound. They're little plastic sphere that you throw. wiki
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The Battle Brawlers are my first thought, too -- a friend's son just got these for his birthday. Not having seen the packaging, another guest (an adult) and I were baffled on how to open them. The kids just rolled their eyes at us :)
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If they're Bakugan, the have magnets inside of them. When they touch a magnetic surface, it releases the locking mechanisms.

Just bought some for my young cousin. I think they're pretty cool, but pricey for what you get. Either that, or I'm getting old :x
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Yes, Bakugan. Current obsession of my seven-year-old.
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They are Bakugans. My nine year old just got some of them in lieu of his allowance. We found Wal-Mart online had the best price. All the brick and mortar stores were sold out.
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