Bluetooth headset reccommendations for iPhone 3G.
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iPhone 3G filter: I'm about to purchase and iPhone 3G and need the help of the hive mind to determine the best bluetooth headset to get.

The major issues are:

1). Ear bud headphones do not stay in my ears no matter what. I only use in ear headphones with my iPod touch as the rubber covers hold them snug in my ears. This means that Apple's bluetooth headset for iPhone is out of the question as are other ear bud type headsets.

2). The iPhone must properly pass off voice calls to the headset while the iPhone is connected to my AUX in on my car's stereo through the headphone jack or through the use of a FM transmitter (recommendations for these welcome too).
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I don't use an iPhone, but I bought a cheap bluetooth headset recently. It didn't work very well, so I read some reviews online and bought a BlueAnt Z9 instead. That was a good decision. The voice isolation tech is fantastic.

Indications are that it works great with an iPhone.

It comes with a thing to hold it onto your ear.
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(Oh, I'm afraid I don't know about issue 2.)
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