Please help me identify this music magazine.
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Please help me identify this music magazine.

I used to have a subscription to a music magazine that delivered a compilation CD with every issue. The genre was modern/alternative rock, and this would have been in the first half of the 1990s. The only other thing I remember is that the name started with an "R", but I could definitely be wrong about that.

This has been driving me nuts; does anyone remember the name of this magazine?
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Assuming you're definitely wrong about that, it sounds similiar to MAGNET.
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Could it be CMJ? I bought it regularly in the 90s.
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ooooh, thanks tristero. Wikipedia's Magnet entry has this:

Music magazines with a similar focus in the 1990s era included Option, Raygun, and Alternative Press.

I am almost positive the magazine I am thinking of is Raygun; thanks to all for for the suggestions!
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Another possibility (in case it wasn't Raygun) might be Lollipop Magazine which is no longer in print. Its still regularly published online though. Print editions came with a cd.
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I used to buy Raygun on the newstand. Beautiful magazine with great graphic design - I sure don't remember a CD with every issue. Must have been blinded by the typography.
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In the 1990s, my room was packed full of music magazines. I bought Ray Gun once in a while, but don't recall ever getting a cd with that one. After I read your question, I was trying to remember a series of alternative compilations and magazines I used to have loads of.. and I finally remembered it was called huH, which Wikipedia confirms was a popular music mag in the 90s. It also says that it was published by the same company as Ray Gun.
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Sorry to everyone for the schizophrenic responses; huH is definitely, absolutely the magazine! I think I also received Raygun at the time and was getting my memories confused; again, thanks to all for the useful answers.
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