Anti-Snooze Tunes for Driving Late at Night
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My love lives a little over an hour away. What are some songs/albums that can keep me awake on the long sad drive home?

Right now I've used up all my System of a Down albums. I like things that I can sing along with, think: The Faint, death metal.

Thank you and rock on!
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As I was trying to say, Radar Love.
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Best answer: These are all full on, listen-to-every-song albums (although granted two are collections of singles.)

Drive fast and play as loud as possible.

Modest Mouse:
This is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About

Silversun Pickups:

No Age:

The Misfits:
Collection 1

The Slider
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Definitely Radar Love!
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if you are interested in some good hard electronic german, I'm loving the current download from Chris Hope. Best set I've played in my car for years.
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seconding radar love and recommending ca plane pour moi by plastic bertrand, very upbeat and sounds better than most coffee tastes
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Jonathan Richman is sing-along-able and might work for you, if you don't mind the mood improvement side effect.
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