Hiberno-Norwegian marriage?
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What issues would arise (legally) from the marriage of a Norwegian/Irish couple?

I've come to the conclusion that in the next 12-18 months (no comments on timeframe, please), I'll almost certainly propose to my girlfriend. I'm Irish - resident in the Republic of Ireland - and she's Norwegian. I also hold British nationality through my parents.

What are the likely obstacles (as regards "immigration", law, etc.) that would arise in the event of a marriage? Would the fact that Norway is outside the EU (though inside the European Free Trade Association/EEA) cause any difficulties?

Additionally, if you can think of any major benefits I'd be interested to hear them too.
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As Norway and Ireland (as part of the EU) are both members of the European Economic Area, you each have the right to free movement between the two countries (and the rest of the EEA).

Therefore there should be no legal obstacles resultant from immigration (IANAL).

There may well be bureaucratic obstacles of course...
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As a friend of a Norwegian-Scots couple, I think you're up for the most hilariously demented wedding ceilidh ever. On the con side, homesickness and the eternal questioning about "Why did you move here?" can be wearing. Budget for frequent visits to stave off homesickness.
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The OP asked me to post this addendum via mefimail:
"I'm interested in bureaucratic obstacles I may not be aware of as well as the (apparently non-existent) legal ones"
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Brit, lived in Norway for 5 years. You shouldn't have any issues residing in Norway or vice versa. We we arrived, we registered at the local police station, that was it.
Payroll, taxes etc. are all done with good efficiency, slow but efficient.

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Practically none legally. May need to go through a couple of interviews with the police if you are basing your residence on your relationship. That would likely be about it. Irish, married to a swede, which is really the same damned difference :D
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