.ivr without Realplayer?
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Is there anything free besides Realplayer that will play (or convert to some other format) Realplayer's .ivr files?
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have you tried Real Alternative?
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I'm not sure about .ivr files, but "Real Alternative" is a directshow filter that will play .rm files in just about any directshow compatible player (such as Windows Media Player).
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Can you upload a sample somewhere? I've seen this question pop-up on a ton of forums and I'd like to see what I can do with GraphEdit, etc.
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Response by poster: Real alternative doesn't (yet?) work for .ivr files.

As for a sample, I was just thinking in general of torrents that I see popping up and whether they're worth my time/bandwidth if I'm deadset against installing Realplayer. (Hence, I haven't yet bothered downloading any) Here's one that I don't think is copyright infringing (it claims to be video of an Obama rally).
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Mplayer handles Real
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Response by poster: IVR isn't on the list of supported formats, just Real Video and Real Audio. Real Alternative does those as well, but not ivr.

And I know there's a windows binary and all, but the fact that something like "mplayer −rawaudio format=0xff −demuxer rawaudio −af pan=2:.32:.32:.39:.06:.06:.39:.17:-.17:-.17:.17:.33:.33 adts_he-aac160_51.aac" is a valid command to start the program is precisely why I'm not a linux geek.
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If you don't want to exercise Real Ultimate Power over MPlayer, there are a quite a few GUI front ends for it. And if you can find out which codec DLLs RealPlayer uses for .ivr files, there's a pretty good chance you could make MPlayer use them as well. Might even be as easy as copying them to the same directory as all its other Windows codecs.
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