Saving a Meeting Record in the Outlook 2007 Calendar
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Outlook 2007 question: Is there a way to keep meetings that have already happened in my calendar, even if the meeting organizer cancels the meeting series midway through the recurrence?

I'd like to keep a record of meetings in my calendar, as it can occasionally be useful to know when meetings happened. The situation that's frustrating me basically goes like this:
1) A coworker sets up a recurring meeting with me that recurs four times.
2) We meet twice and resolve whatever we're meeting about. The coworker cancels the meeting, as the issue is resolved.
3) Outlook automatically deletes both the future (unneeded) meetings, as well as the meetings that have already happened.
Is there a way to force Outlook to only remove the future meetings, i.e. the meetings that haven't actually happened?
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the person cancelling the meeting will get an option to delete ALL occurences or only future. if they choose future, your past meetings will be safe.

that's the only way i know, and really doesn't help you.

i'm like you, and like to know when past meetings happened, so i don't know why anyone would choose to delete things that previously happened.

sorry i wasn't more helpful.
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