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Is there anyway I can get the image previewing from Windows XP on Win 2k? If not, are there any alternatives? I tried ACDSee and found it too bloated.
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posted by DaShiv at 12:42 PM on September 15, 2004

I second the suggestion for IrfanView. I was looking for this exact thing last week, before finding IrfanView. It's so much better than the image preview for XP, you can actually edit images, and batch process, and batch rename, and... it's very cool. Until last week I had never really seen it's appeal.
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I like to use old, abandonware versions of ACDSee. The same functionality, but far less bloated.
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I use an old version of ACDSee too. Irfanview doesn't have the file manager which I use constantly.
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I third the old ACDSee. It was a kickass application before they added all the crap.
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I third the suggestion to irfanview. I have been using it happily for over six years. It just recently got upgraded with some rudimentary functionality to add text to images, and I found myself using that exact feature just today.

As for a file manager, I'm more than happy with Explorer. YMMV.
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Where can I find an old version of ACDSee now? :(
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madman, i think you can get it from here.
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I'm fond of XnView

It's free as in beer and opens everything
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ACDSee 3.1 is the fishizzle. Just make sure when you install it to disable the extra "Digital Camera" crap, as well as the "ZIP extension" crap.
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" i think you can get it from here."

That looks like the later crap-filled version. Thumbnails? WTF? The screenshot on that site doesn't look a thing like ACDSee is supposed to.

If the real old version of ACDSee doesn't turn up (sorry, I've long since lost mine, or I'd play shareware), I second XnView as an excellent alternative.
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majick - you probably dont care, but i just installed that and it is not the "crap filled version", it is the minimal old version. And i'm not sure what you mean about thumbnails, this view can be enabled or disabled as you wish . And it does look exactly like the old AcdSee. Anyway lots of other good suggestions here...
posted by kev23f at 2:55 AM on September 17, 2004

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