Becoming an RN abroad?
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Are there any opportunities to attend nursing school (to become an RN) abroad as a U.S. American?

What with the nursing shortages, is there any opportunities for an American to travel somewhere (anywhere) abroad and become an RN? Further, if you become an RN in, say, Sweden (for instance), does that restrict you to working only in Sweden? Or would you be able to take that back to the U.S. and be an RN there as well?
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Is there a reason why going to nursing school in the U.S. is out? (Your question says "travel abroad", which I read as meaning you live in the U.S., and would travel somewhere to go to nursing school).

There must be a way to transfer non-U.S. certifications, since there are lots of foreign-trained nurses working in the U.S.

You might consider contacting the American Nurses Association.
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At least some nursing schools have study abroad programs if studying entirely in a foreign country doesn't work out.
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Is there a reason why going to nursing school in the U.S. is out?

Yes, because I want to do it abroad. Thanks.
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There are apparently some places internationally that you can take the NCLEX-RN (the licensure examination), but you still need to meet the eligibility requirements for the particular state board of nursing in which you intend to practice. I'm sure those boards vary in terms of acceptance of international degrees, etc. So I think you need to ask your state board this question.
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