How to move a bed cross-country?
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Is it feasible to transport a wooden bedframe halfway across the USA? How could I arrange transport for a single, big item like this?

I have the chance to buy a wooden platform bed from someone in Aurora, IL. My question is whether it is feasible and affordable to ship the bed to Philadelphia PA (about 785 miles). I have been looking for this specific bed for a while -- it is discontinued, but I can't get a new pine platform bed that matches my other stuff. Now I have found one for sale, but I will need someone to collect, pack, and ship the bed for me. It dissassembles, so I am looking at a final package about 100 lbs, 84" x 80" x 12".
Has anyone done this sort of shipping move for a single item -- how do you find a shipper? I looked at UPS etc., but they are prohibitively expensive and I also need someone to pack the bed up and ship it. Are there any lateral-thinking solutions (e.g. ways to find someone with a part-load who may be traveling this way in a week or two)? How do I locate them when I am so far away? The seller is not likely to be of help here.
I suspect that this is not going to be feasible, but I thought I'd consult the hive mind to see if anyone has any suggestions - thanks in anticipation!
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The are moving companies that specialize in single item type moves like this. I don't have the name, but my inlaws sent us two pieces of furniture this way several years back. We had them shipped ~400 miles. I will ask my wife tonight.
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i've been told plycon is a very good company for this kind of stuff.
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From when we moved my grandparents out of their home in Alabama to a place in Everett, Washington I recall that there are companies who will crate your items for shipping and there are companies who will cross-country those crated items and there are companies who will deliver locally from the airport or train yard to your driveway.

I can see this getting expensive, but if you're patient, call around and see what kind of deal you can get. If you're going to pay more than a couple grand for the bed and the shipping - you have to be sure that the setup is really worth it.
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You're looking for a freight solution, but they might be what you qualify as prohibitively expensive. I'd be amazed if you paid less than $500. If you're looking for a more economical solution you might post on the Chicago craigslist and perhaps you'll get lucky and find someone who will bring it in their van if you cover gas money on the trip they were going to take anyway.
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uship is fantastic, and amazingly cheap. You list what you want shipped, where, and when, and truckers will bid each other DOWN for who can do it the cheapest. You can even do a "ship it now" price. (I'm not affiliated with the site, but it worked so well for me and saved me so much money that I pimp it every chance I get)
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You can ship via Greyhound.
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