Heathrow Terminal 5: I need a shower
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As I understand it, there aren't any public showers or pay-for-entry spas/lounges/hotel-pods with showers at Heathrow T5. (Only in the elite lounge that I can't get into.) I'll be there for 11 hours, between two longhaul flights. What's the easiest way to get myself to a shower?

I'm up for paying for a lounge, or a hotel pod, or whatever - I'm just not sure of what the most hassle-free way is to get to one. Do I just hop on a bus between terminals? I'd like to avoid having to go through security multiple times.
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You can purchase access to Heathrow lounges in terminals 1, 2, 3, or 4 here.
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Which elite lounge? Sometimes you can buy a day pass or a trial membership.
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I'm sorry--it looks like none of these lounges have showers available. You're better off booking a night at an airport hotel. (I cannot recommend paying for a bed highly enough-- I once spent the night at an airport when I was 14, in order so save $100 or so. NEVER AGAIN.)
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11 hours? Is this overnight? Even so, assuming the complications of security, you could always hop on the tube and go looking for a public pool or gym. London's full of them.
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Response by poster: It's an "overday" rather than overnight. I know a couple of places at Heathrow with showers, in other terminals. I am just looking for the easiest way, with the fewest security hassles.
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Yotel in Terminal 4? I assume you'd have to pass back through security for the next leg of your flight, though.

Here's the Heathrow page on getting from one terminal to another.
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Hmm. If you're willing to hop terminals then there are public showers in terminals 1,2 & 4.

Heathrow Airport BAA FAQ
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Just a thought, but if you can find a gym nearby you can probably get a day pass and shower there for less of a cost than renting a hotel room.
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The Marriott at the airport has a day rate. Last time I used it the cost was around $60. I believe it was for four hours, although my memory is hazy on that score. For a bit less, you can use the facilities at Urban Retreat which is actually quite nice.
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You can walk to the Hilton at Heathrow and pay to use their gym and showers. I did this about four years ago, and I paid 10 pounds (I wrote about it, briefly, here). Likewise, then you can justifiable sit around the Hilton for a couple of hours, which ain't bad.
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