How do I find reviews of Learning Tree's XSLT course?
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How can I find alumni reviews of the Learning Tree course, "Hands-On XSL: Transforming and Styling XML" so I can get some honest reviews of the course?

I need this training and my employer is willing to pony up the cash but only once - I don't want to spend their money and my time on a dud course. The LT claim that the, "Privacy Act" means that even with my explicit permission, they can't give my contact info to former students who would be willing to answer questions about the course. The google didn't provide much by way of reviews either. There must be some way...
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Well, well. I took the course, I even still have my notes and course material. I enjoyed it a lot and thought it was informative. Unfortunately, I didn't get to use it on the job. Looking at my notes, it might have been 2004.
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I'm an LTI instructor, but I don't teach that particular course. (And with my obvious bias, telling you that in general Learning Tree courses are excellent isn't going to make much difference to you, I suspect...) You might try calling sales (1-800-THE-TREE) and asking your sales person if they can arrange for you to have a chat with an instructor -- I can't guarantee they'll do so, but I know I've talked to prospective students in the past about the courses I teach. I know that's not as good as an unbiased review from a student, but at least you'll get a better idea of the content, and whether the course is suited to your particular needs and skill level.

(Apologies if the above sounded like a commercial. Wasn't intended to...)
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What timeframe are you looking to take the course? I could scan a chapter or something to help you take a look at the contents.
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I haven't taken the course you're asking about, but I've taken at least half a dozen other LT courses on subjects like server administration, SQL, and IIS, and each one has far surpassed training I've had with other vendors. The LT instructors have been experts in the subject matter with real-life experience, adept at communicating complex concepts, and very good at interacting with students. All of my instructors have been skilled at keeping the class moving at a pace that is comfortably challenging for the majority of the students.

I second the suggestion to call LT and see if you can talk to/email the instructor about the class. However, the syllabus and course books are only part of the picture. In each of the classes I've taken, we've gone beyond the syllabus either with information outside the scope of the book or by delving deeper into topics. The instructors are also excellent about answering questions outside of class time, bringing any of those questions back into class for the whole group to benefit, and looking up things during breaks or overnight if they don't have an answer right away. Most, if not all, of them have provided an email address so students can contact them after class with additional questions.

Take the class; it won't be a dud.
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Thanks very much for the responses. I did get them to put the instructor in contact w/me and I'll pursue that line as well. I have some other generally good recommendations about LT so I'm not worried about the organization I was more wanting the straight dope on that particular class since this is a rare opportunity for me to get such fancy training paid for by my employer.
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