Please explain spyware and safe browsing practices.
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SpywareFilter: With all this talk of spyware can anyone explain to me the wha? I mean, I don't always stick to the same few sites but I'm not l337 and looking for warez, I don't visit porn sites and I never get beat down with spyware.
Isn't it the web equivelant of an STD brought on and spread by unsafe browsing?
Need network support person in downtown SF, please recommend [MI]

A business owner friend of mine is having constant problems, (monthly), on her network and when I asked her where her two employees were going she had no idea.
I explained to her that it is typically from going to places that have nothing to do with work and why hadn't her network consultant told her. My guess is that he can use the regular business of cleaning up said mess.
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It's not all porn and warez sites. My wife's father installed some sort of searching program that he likes once, and that came with a lot of spyware. The free version of divx comes with Gator, which is a rather pernicious popup-thingy-spyware-thingy.
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Loading pages with HTML on them really should not be a matter of you fighting with your browser for control of your own computer.

Your browser is supposed to make surfing easier, not be the gaping hole through which the outside world can invade your computer.

For god's sake if you're still running straight IE as of now, you're not being sensible.

Microsoft Security Chief Uses FireFox
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Especially lyrics sites and p2p programs, they're loaded.

Also, some people actually want Gator or other Altria products because they store passwords, set their clock, etc. Not saying there isn't much better programs elsewhere of course.
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Sorry, I meant Claria, but they do sound alike...
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Response by poster: So anyone in San Francisco that can look after her network? A few hours each month.

email me.
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GeekyGuy, try a Mefi textad. There's gotta be a MeFi reader that can take on a very part time support task.
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I hate to drag the thread further afield, but you're not likely to get terrific Windows support from a network support person -- by definition, one supports the network itself and the other can help you clean up after Internet Explorer. They're completely different tasks.

If what you want is a desktop person to help you deal with Windows problems, don't go out there asking for network people to help you, because they will, in fact, laugh in your face. So, do be careful how you word that text ad.
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