Computer stopped recognizing usb drives
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Computer (XP SP2) won't recognize any usb drives, but will recognize my usb mouse?

The problem started after a Syncback backup. An error popped up about there being a problem writing the data. Since then, neither my flash or disc external usb drives are recognized in any port. (For the record, there were two drives that I was using for backup. I've also tested a third external drive that was not involved in the backup. When I plug it in, I get the same "not recognized" message.) I've tested all of the drives on other computers and they work fine. At the same time, my usb mouse still works (tested in all ports). I've searched for answers on the syncback forums and elsewhere on the Internet. Any suggestions for diagnosing the problem or fixing are appreciated.

Here is the current error message when I plug it in:
"One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it. ..."
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If your mouse works but External USB hard drives do not - then I would suspect your USB Mass Storage drivers might have gone corrupt. Here are some things I would try:

1.) CHKDSK the C:\ (or where ever your \Windows install is )
2.) Defrag
3.) System File Checker
4.) Update your motherboards chipset drivers
5.) Update motherboard BIOS
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Open the System control panel (or right-click on My Computer and select Properties).
Go to Hardware tab and click Device Manager.
See anything with a red X or yellow warning triangle? Those would be devices that aren't recognized or have a problem. If there's an X, try right-clicking on the device and choose "Enable". You can also right-click and choose "Update Driver" to see if that helps.

In the Device Manager check all the entries listed under Universal Serial Bus controllers. These are your USB devices and internal hardware. Any of these could be the problem. Right-click, choose "Properties", go to the Driver tab. Choose either "Update Driver" or "Roll Back Driver".

If none of the above helps, right-click on each of the entries listed under USB controllers and select "Uninstall". When all are removed, reboot the system (be sure that you have a non-USB mouse on hand for this just in case). Windows should detect your USB controller on restart, and install drivers for the hardware. Theoretically. Good luck.
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Also, your keyboard/mouse can be initialized at system startup, so they may appear as legacy PS2 devices to windows. Could explain the partial functionality.
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