Recommended Caterers for a Chicago Wedding?
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I'm getting married next Fall (hooray!) in Chicago, and we're currently close to finalizing plans to have the reception at Maxim's. As we begin the process of looking for caterers, I'm interested in hearing about any Chicago-based caterers that MeFites have used, and any they would recommend.

Again, we're just starting the catering process, so we have no real requirements or needs per se. We'll be purchasing our own alcohol and will need to procure a bartender or two... but what I'm mostly interested in hearing about is on the food/service side.

Any and all feedback/suggestions appreciated!
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I have no idea what it's like working with them, but man, the food from Big Delicious Planet is always spectacular.
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Blue Plate, Fox & Obel, Deno's, Greg Christian Catering, Hearty Boys - all of whom I have worked with and been super happy with - from everything from a cocktail party to lunch to a sit-down dinner, I've had it all. For a wedding, I would recommend Blue Plate, Greg Christian (bonus that he is super sustainable, organic, and uses local produce!), and Hearty Boys. Deno's and F&O are kind of casual. I mean, F&O is super not casual but their food is.

I can't do links on my Blackjack so I am sorry but you will have to google...but they are worth it!
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