Wanted: Pics of Pudong in the 80s
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Looking for images of old Pudong prior to development. Coming up blank. Ideally, from the late 1980s. Plus anything else you stumble across that may be in interesting. Puxi is covered, but finding in hard the other side of the river. Pics will be used in a private seminar on development.
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You might try talking to the people at the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum. The exhibits there had a lot of historic images.
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Got this off a Google search:
Pudong History Museum
Address: 15 Lujiazui Dong Lu
Tel: 5887-9964
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I am in Shanghai frequently and have been to some galleries that have pictures of Pudong prior to the development. I'll be there tomorrow and Sunday and will ask around if I have the chance. If you can wait, I will have more time to dig into this in two weeks.

I have a personal collection of shots of underdeveloped inner city locations in Puxi if that's any help.
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Wasn't sure if you had done a web search in Chinese; these came up when I did: 1 2
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