Straps! Help!
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So many straps!

Hey there, can you all tell me about the strappy-style thing? I saw a gal today with about three sets of straps and no sleeves. Are these bras? layered tanks tops? What am I seeing? It looks cool but I don't know what I'm looking at.

Your stylishly-challenged pal Miffy
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Most likely a bra and some number of tank tops. Some tank tops (or bras) have multiple straps, too!
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I saw a girl just recently wearing a tank top and not one but TWO different bras underneath it, with both of the bras showing their straps. Seems to be in style lately to deliberately wear tops that don't cover your bra straps (or wear bras that aren't cut for a racer-back tank and such). The two bras thing threw me, too, but it is apparently big with the teen crowd, at least, to show bra straps just now.

In addition, there's also the layered skin tanks, the really thin ones, in different colors.
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Usually I'm trying to minimize, not maximize, my straps. But I always (OK, often) have tons.

I wear sleeveless shirts with plunging necklines that require (in most company) a thin tank top underneath to hide the gratuitous cleavage. So right there, that's 2 straps on each shoulder. (The shirt has straps, the thin tank top has straps.) But then I still need to wear a bra underneath it all (or else the cleavage just ain't worth covering up) so that adds another strap on each shoulder, making 3 on each, or 6 straps total. I'd much rather just wear the top shirt. I'd like it to have a built in bra. But bras that are built into shirts aren't worth a damn.

I do have a camisole that has a kickass built in bra, but its neckline is plunging, too.

I also have a bra with clear, flat plastic straps. They help minimize the strappy look, but when they're discovered, they're just not that classy looking. Though, in my opinion, neither are 6 straps. :)

(I so don't understand the bras they sell that have double-straps on each side! What on earth! Women already have too many straps! Too many little lumps underneath their clothing! Victoria's Secret has the double-strap bras, if you're interested.)

So, I know we have different opinions on straps, but hopefully I gave you some pointers. :)
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Hmm, unless you're talking about the straps across the back? In which case, I think that's a lot like having the tops of your thong showing above your pants. Really, there are other ways to look hot.
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Are we talking about all those straps across the shoulders? The combination of a bra and a couple of tank tops?

I'm not sure I understand the point of all of that. I guess it's there to draw some attention to something? Comes across as trashy to me - but what do I know?
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Some tops are sold with multiple straps. Were the straps you saw all the same colour like this?

I've also seen solo bra straps being sold in lingerie shops (either for replacements or for hair bands (!)). Perhaps this person you saw has added extra straps to one bra, either just for looks / fun or perhaps for extra support from a wider weight distribution?
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I have this problem. Masically, if I want to wear tanktops, the bra strap will show. Inevitably. My straps are huge, but flesh-toned, so they don't draw too-too much attention to themselves.

If I want to layer (which I usually don't, it ends up making me look bigger) that's another set of straps.

matty: The point isn't the straps, at least not in my age group (showing straps is to be avoided), but people like to layer clothing to either lengthen or shorten certain areas (waist, legs), and to add another pop of colour (usually around the hips, with an extra-long tank top), and bam, that really ups the strap count.
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I have many straps right now. I'm wearing a pretty tank top that's a little too low-cut for my tastes, so I'm wearing white tank top underneath it, and I have to wear a bra as well. For regular tank tops, most of them can't be worn without my bra strap showing at least a little bit.

And I'm in college, where it doesn't matter anyway.
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Thanks everyone! I really learned something here!
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