How do I get to the new Marketplace feature on my Zune 80 device?
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How do I get to the new Marketplace feature on my Zune 80 device?

Installed v3 of the client software on my computer. Upgraded the firmware to v3 on my Zune 80GB. Checked through all the settings. The "Enable Zune Marketplace content purchase from device" option in the Linking sub-menu for the device settings is checked. I am able to connect to my wireless router from the Zune 80GB. I can wireless sync from my Zune 80GB. I have tried resetting the device using Up+Back. Still no "Marketplace" option like i see in photos on the Internet now. What am I missing here? Why isn't this working right?

I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate 64. I'm not sure what other configuration details are important. I've tried 2 different hot spots, both of which should have given internet access to my device automatically via DHCP.

Thanks for your input.
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Hmm, probably not too helpful, but can you verify that firmware version is correct? (Settings > About > Zune)

Did the 'games' menu show up correctly? (Assuming you chose to install them.)
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Version 3.0 (225)
Bootloader 1613

Yes, I see the games.
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Are you in Canada? Marketplace hasn't launched there yet.
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It sounds like an issue with linking to your Zune Pass account. Did you link to the account that has the subscription?

If that still looks correct, try "forget this device" then reassociate it.
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