NYC Limo/Van Referral Needed
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I'd like a referral for a service in New York City that can provide transport for six people, and luggage, from Penn Station to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. There are dozens - if not hundreds - limo services to choose from so I just need help separating the wheat from the chaff. Thanks.
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I think 2 taxi cabs should do the job just fine, and probably cheaper than getting a van from a car service. Three adults in each car and luggage in the trunk, unless you're carting around massive amounts of luggage. If that's the case, just get 3 taxi cabs.
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I have to respectfully disagree with camworld. I'm guessing that six people and luggage at Penn are going to be a lot to coordinate into 3 cabs and to find again at the Cruise Terminal end. I think it will be much less trouble and overall the same expense to book ahead of time. One vehicle simplifies all of that.

I'd order a van from one of the big services. (Skyline, Vital, etc.) I can also personally recommend a good service based in Brooklyn: Promenade Car Service: 718-858-6666.
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I use a car service from Brooklyn back to Manhattan a lot, and price-wise it's competitive with a regular Yellow Cab - My guess is a van wouldn't be crazy expensive. I use Elegante - 718-972-5555, and don;t hesitate to recommend them to anyone that needs a car.
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Best answer: We use 212 666 6666. "The car service of the beast" as I like to call it. They have always been on time and been polite and professional and they never attempted to steal our souls.
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Well, what kind of luggage are we talking about here? I have relatives who travel with two full-size bags each... when I travelled with them, the five of us barely fit in a regular size limo.
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We like Carmel--212 777 7777
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Response by poster: No need for add'l answers.

Regarding using taxis: I didn't want to use more than one vehicle. Thanks, though.

Luggage: It's a 2-week cruise and I've no idea how others will pack. I figure 6-10 bags of varying sizes.

Good references here, one of which I'm sure I'll take. I like the Car Service of the beast, if only for its phone number.
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