Need a new AC company
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Does anyone know a good residential AC company in Tampa, FL? The company I have been using (Atlas Air) has been out 3 times in 6 months, and with my AC out again (this time for two weeks while we try to fix it ourselves), I'd like to try someone else before calling Atlas out again.
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I'm over in St Petersburg, and had good luck with a company whose name escapes me at this time. When I get home, I'll hunt down the name and post it here. I remember they were part of a large, Borg Like company, but did good work, showed up when they said they would, and were very professional and price-wise, very competitive.
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Alert is good.
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I guess I should say that a few of my friends have used them. I am planning to get him to upgrade my old ac. good luck.
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Sorry for the delay - I used ARS ( - their Pinellas County number is 727-451-3905.
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My cousin runs an AC company. They're called Ierna Air

Family owned, very reliable and fair.

I've had them install two units, on in my home and one in my business.

They're located in Lutz, on the Hwy 41 side.
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