Does Denzel Washington speak Spanish?
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Does Denzel Washington speak Spanish?

"Man on Fire" was on TV tonight. Denzel Washington has a lot of lines in Spanish, which he delivers with a gringo accent that's actually quite fitting for the character. And hey, this glass house-dweller isn't about to throw stones. Am simply curious whether anyone knows if he speaks the language or just spoke the words for the film.
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No mention of it in here, as far as I could tell--but I only skimmed a few pages. He is a very good speaker, with an ear for language, so it could simply be a natural talent for mimicry.
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I'm fairly certain that he's got a few lines of Spanish in Training Day as well. Maybe check that out and see if his accent is the same?
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Do you have a link to a clip or audiofile of him speaking? I (or the other native speakers around here) could probably tell whether he actually speaks the language or not.
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I don't have a video/audio clip, sorry. For what it's worth, it's obvious even to me (a nonnative who's lived in Spanish-speaking countries for four-plus years) that in the movie, his character's thickly accented Spanish is not perfect, perhaps not intended to be. Kind of interesting is that in a couple of scenes he makes mistakes and then corrects himself. For example:

Denzel: "¿Quién es la voz?"

Woman he's interrogating: "No sé. No sé."

Denzel: "No sé -- no sabes."

Dunno what else to say. Maybe check out the movie? Jerky cinematography, but nice shots of Mexico City landmarks such as the Torre Latina, Parque México and Popocatéptl.
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I found a clip here (he starts speaking around 2:45).
I'm not sure, his tone doesn't sound realistic. But it's true, he corrects himself:

¿Eres miembro de la Hermendad? ¿De la Hermandad?
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