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What bands sound like Game Theory?

One of the only good things to come out of a past relationship was exposure to Game Theory, close to my current favorite band. I have acquired all their albums by methods both legal and illegal, and I just love their sound and their unflagging intelligence.

What other bands should I listen to? These can predate GT or be more contemporary. I'm searching for songwriting that is as simultaneously intelligent and, for lack of a better word, *quirky* as Scott Miller's.

Were I answering this question, I guess I'd suggest Big Star, The Soft Boys, early REM, and the Unicorns/Islands. I hope this gives some idea where I'm coming from.

One thing I love about Game Theory, too, is that they've *nearly* fallen by the wayside. I'd love to resurrect a band from the 70s, 80s, or 90s that I would have no way to discover without asking this question; the more obscure the better, I suppose.

I should probably also say that I already know and love the Loud Family. Otherwise, I'm all ears!

I look forward to the aural candy to come.
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Well, there are fellow travelers Aimee Mann and Anton Barbeau, though I'm sure you have considered them. Maybe you should go ask this question on loud-fans.
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The whole early 80s Winston-Salem scene: Let's Active, The dB's, Flat Duo Jets.
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I'm having a tough time answering you because Scott Miller exists in a little Scott Miller-shaped box in my brain that no one else fits into. That's why I would love to see you ask Scott Miller your question. (I agree that joining loud-fans is a good idea too.) But as far as intelligent, allusive, unique songwriters and musicians go: Kate Bush, John Darnielle, Ted Leo, Barbara Manning, Bradley Skaught and Anton Barbeau (both on 125 Records, which puts out Scott's music) most immediately leap to mind.

You didn't say anything about demented brilliance but you should listen to Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 anyway. Look at the lyrics (what lyrics there are). The Trouser Press entry on them is a decent orientation even though I don't agree with all of it. Like Scott, nobody else reminds me of them but them.
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Here's what people who listen to Game Theory think are similar artists based on their listening habits.
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The Embarrasment and Big Dipper are my two favourite 80s indie rock bands.
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Of course no band sounds just like Game Theory ... but for a contemporary band that seems to fill a similar pop-culture slot (in my head), try the New Pornographers. Catchy & tight pop structures mixed with quirky lyrics, male/female harmonies, and a smart/generous vibe. They're great live (especially when Neko's on board).
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Also: do you know the New Zealand scene of the mid-'80s/early '90s? Try the Clean, the Bats & the Chills. Or the Elephant 6 U.S. scene of the mid- to late '90s/early '00s? Try the Apples in Stereo, Beulah & especially Neutral Milk Hotel.
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