Removing a song from multiple playlists in iTunes?
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Is there a way to remove a song from all playlists in iTunes without having to delete the actual song?

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a method or 3rd-party tool (that works on Windows XP) that can remove a song from all static playlists in iTunes without having to delete the actual song itself? I often find myself working manually through multiple playlists to remove a song, when I don't actually want to delete the song itself and would love it if anyone can suggest a way to make this easier.
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The best workaround I can think of is to delete the song from your iTunes library but specify not to move it to the Recycling Bin. Then simply re-add the song to the library.
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Wouldn't it work to simply un-check that song? Then it would never play, even though it is in all the lists.
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Response by poster: @shakespeherian: this is what i've been doing, but it has the downside of forcing me to find that song again on my harddrive, and i also lose playcounts, skipcounts, rating and so on.

@slightlybewildered: not a bad suggestion, but I still can't help thinking this is a small but annoying hole in iTunes' management of playlists.

I had hoped, for example, that I could just edit the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file, but I think this is a one way export from the "iTunes Library.itl" file, which appears to be in a binary format.
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seconding slightlybewildered, or just add a filter to the playlists in which you don't want the song to appear. I think those two options are much easier than trying to find some specific software to meet your needs.
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I mailed the OP this yesterday hoping they would test it out for me, but I didn't hear back, so here you go random googlers!

I wrote a little program that I believe does what you want. It makes a list of all the songs in any playlist (ignoring smart playlists and the purchased playlist) and lets you select them (CTRL + Click to select lots) then hit delete and it will remove them from all of the playlists (but not the library).

I've done minimal testing and it works for me. I think you'll need iTunes 8.0 but it might work with older versions, I'm not sure.

If you'd like to play around with it, you can download it here:

You should extract all the files to a directory and then run the application. It takes a few seconds to load as it queries iTunes for all the song information before it starts.

It requires .NET 3.5.
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Response by poster: Hi mge, unfortunately, I didn't get your email. I'm curious to know how you went about doing this, since my hope was to also write a .NET solution to managing these playlists.
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Response by poster: Actually, mge, perhaps I should have asked from where did you get the interop.ituneslib.dll ? Googling just seems to show a list of sites that deal with whether or not it's malware.
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You need to go to your references list and click on add a reference, then click the COM tab and pick iTunes from that list. This will add a reference to iTunesLib. When you build, VS will copy that DLL to the output directory, I'm not sure were it copies it from or if it auto generates it itself.
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