How many people work from home who aren't traditional telecommuters?
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I'm trying to figure out how many people in the US work from home, but aren't (traditional) telecommuters.

I'm trying to figure out the # of people who 'work from home' - and am wondering if anyone has any ideas. Specifically, I'm looking to understand how many people are actually employed by those 'work from home!' Companies (eg freelance writing, online tutoring, survey-answering etc. ) I'm not interested in your basic telecommuter- but instead, the group of people looking for part-time work, flexible hours, convenience of never having to leave your house, and cash.

Any thoughts on how to figure out how many people do that sort of thing? Is there a commercial service that aggregates this kind of data? Google Answers has some old Small Business Administration surveys, but they don't quite match up- they are mostly telecommuters, not work from home / freelance folks.
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This site would be a good starting point.
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Haven't clicked through on this, but here's a set of statistics that might help.
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Awesome, thanks all- I hadn't seen the BLS report before, just the SBA stats. Fast Work!
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