Liquor in Long Beach
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Looking for a fabulous Liquor store in the Long Beach, CA area.

I'm in Long Beach for a month and my husband is coming out shortly to spend a week. He's lived his whole life in NC which has ABC stores-- meaning the government decides what is for sale. I would like to take him to the biggest, baddest liquor store in the area-- which could include downtown LA since we will be going up to the La Brea Tar pits, and San Diego since we will be going to the zoo.
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Not sure if this is really what you're looking for, but check out BevMo. It's not what I think of when I think "liquor store," but that's pretty much all they sell, and the selection is incredible.

Bonus points if you visit one during a tasting. There's even one in Long Beach.
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Best answer: If you're willing to drive for about half an hour, the best liquor store in Orange County (south of Long Beach) is Hi-Time in Costa Mesa. It is hands-down the best liquor store I have ever been to in my life. They have a walk-in beer cooler organized by country, a full wine cellar, and an excellent selection of liquors. Costa Mesa is south of Long Beach and north of San Diego, so you could fit it in on your trip to/from San Diego.
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If you want to see a bunch of rare and interesting liquor and booze go here.
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Seconding Hi-Time in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, you can even take a nice drive down PCH to get there. I've recently moved out to Baltimore and there really is nothing like it...
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Vendome Liquors in Beverly Hills and Wally's Wine in Westwood are my recommendations. Neither are in downtown--but then again, neither are the Tar Pits!

Vendome is closer to Miracle Mile (where the Tar Pits are) but it looks like Wally's gets better reviews. Both are within 10-15 minutes of where you'll be, though. I've only ever shopped at either for executive gift wine, but they are both great local, idiosyncratic places that carry a good selection beyond ultra high-end.
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Best answer: Morry's is located on Naples Island right south of you.
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Response by poster: I remember Morry's from when I used to live here 25 years ago. I guess I never imagined it would still be there. However, Hi-Time sounds like it is worth the drive. What the heck, why not hit both! Thanks everybody!
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The Wine Country, on Redondo below Willow
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Response by poster: We had a fabulous time in SoCal and one of the highlights was going to Hi-Time. A fabulous treasure trove of alcohol; rows and rows of weird bottles and odd labels. Among other things we bought glasses, a Raspberry Cream Cordial, a Whiskey, a Rum, several imported beers and a whiskey tasting collection. We wish we could have afforded more. Oh why didn't I buy the Macadamia Nut Liquor?

Seriously, it was great. Just what I was hoping for. And today, sadly, it was back to the dreary little ABC store with its paucity of choices. Sigh.
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