Should I pay the $10 to upgrade my iPod touch?
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I recently purchased an iMac and got a free iPod touch as part of the educational promotion. I don't have an iPhone, and am fairly locked into my current (non-ATT) contract, so I won't be getting an iPhone anytime soon. I've tried to figure out what the new software upgrade, 2.1, will do for me, but just from looking at the Apple site, it's difficult to figure out what I can do with the touch as it stands, and what I would gain by upgrading.

Additional question: I am almost always around a wifi connection so I would love to be able to make calls using the touch and VoIP, and this lifehacker article about "turning an iPod into an iPhone" seems to be just what I want. But why does it talk about jailbreaking it? I thought this was only relevant to sim cards for iPhones.
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Forgot to add -- this is not the most recent iPod touch, but the one that was the latest as of August, 2008.
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jailbreaking it also always you to install applications on the device that aren't in the Apple store.
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2.1 adds stability to the platform (I'm assuming the Touch was subject to the same App crashes as the iPhone, which are completely gone with 2.1 for me). It should also fix the slow backup/sync problem. I'm not clear from your question, but if you have 2.0 then 2.1 is free.
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The big add with 2.x is applications. You get access to everything from the App Store, including my application, Graffitio. (Shameless plug).

I paid the $10 for my touch, and it's well worth it. The applications add a lot of functionality to the device.
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shinynewnick: thanks for the info. $10 is a cheap enough price for stability. iTunes says the version of the software I have now is 1.1.5, so perhaps they weren't upgrading the older versions before shipping.
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If you look around, you can upgrade for free. Just as stable.
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1.1.5 is the latest version you can have w/out moving to 2.x (which costs money, even if you went out and bought a brand new one today). 2.1 will give you the App Store and all that stuff, and you'd be coming in after the pain and suffering of 2.0. it'll also give you the Calendar, Mail, etc. apps if you don't have those already. (you probably do, but the Touch didn't ship with those when it was released initially.)
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Jailbreaking is not the same as unlocking. Unlocking allows you to use an iPhone with any GSM cellular carrier. Jailbreaking allows you to install non-Apple-approved 3rd party apps on your iPhone/iPod.
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Upgrade for the apps. Otherwise it's just an oversized ipod.
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seconding piedmont. with a little help from google there are ways to upgrade to 2.1 for free. from then on all updates go smoothly.
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Try Fring! It's an Application that uses your local wireless network to deliver a cordless VoIP connection over the iPhone. It also works with SIP account services (VoIP, Presence and Messaging, Hosted PBX), Skype, GoogleTalk and many more providers.
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Now try Google Earth for iPod touch/iPhone -- just released, in the app store, and free.

It. Kicks. Ass.

Definitely worth the $10 right there.
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