Error Message Sending E-mails
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I'm getting the following message attempting to send e-mails: "An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded. 4.3.0 problem running virus scanner. Please check message and try again." Is this a Thunderbird, Dell or Cedant issue?
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Who is your SMTP provider? In other words, in your mail settings, what does it say for SMTP?

That is who it is. Your hint is "The mail server responded." This is not Thunderbird and it is not Dell.
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Whoever runs the server that you use to send mail is having a problem with their mail server that they alone can fix. Depending on how you have configured your mail accounts, that could be your ISP, a hosting company, or a mail service provider; you are the only person who knows how your mail client is configured to send mail, so you'll have to determine who that is for yourself.

You'll want to see what your "outgoing" or "SMTP" server is set to in your client, then talk to the people who run the server named there.
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Cedant. My client had the same issue. The clueless customer service guy said it would take 24 hours to fix, and it has been 24 hours. My quick fix was setting up a gmail account and using that as the SMTP server, after enabling their e-mail address as the default outgoing address in gmail.
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